Upcoming Class after April

//Upcoming Class after April

Upcoming Class after April

Upcoming practical class at Campus:
*April 30th, 2018~
*June 4th, 2018~

School Hours:
*April 30th ~: 1pm-4pm (part-time), or 9am-4pm (Full-time)
*June 4th ~: 9am-12pm (part-time), or 9am-4pm (Full-time)

Flex schedule: Just let us know your schedule. We will arrange for you.
We also online course as well.

<Payment plan option> Please check our website on [FINANCE OPTION]
1. HNA scholarship ($350): Not for Online Course
2. Early application ($200) if you apply 30 days before the practical class start.
(Not for Online Course)
3. Scholarship for Military (up to E5) member OR VA (GI bill: not for Online)
*Please sent me HNA application with your Military ID. We will tell you next step.
4. Scholarship for Hawaiian
5. Payment plan (no interest)
6. Referral Program ($200)

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Honolulu Nail Academy
Yuko Ho
438Hobron Lane #305, Hon, HI 96815
Office: (808)944-1121
Cell : (808)371-1153
Web: http://honolulunailacademy.com
E-mail: support@honolulunailacademy.com