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Our established 600-hour esthetics course dives deep into the foundation of face, head and back anatomy and physiology. The importance of sanitation and skin analysis is stressed as the foundation for the practicing Esthetician. Hands on courses include, but are not limited to facials, aromatherapy, hair removal techniques, eyelash extensions, make-up, portfolio building and much more.


Job Assistance

Students have the opportunity to meet one on one with a career specialist to receive counseling and assistance in preparing a resume, developing affected interview skills and implementing a successful job search strategy. We work closely with spas in Hawai’i, neighboring islands and the Mainland to provide a vast network of possibilities for graduating students.


Why Honolulu Nail Academy?

Our focus is providing an innovative and updated curriculum that will enhance your options and employment. We go beyond reviewing and teaching the basics of esthetics. Our clinical build from our manuals, allowing every student additional hands-on training. The curriculum adds business and finance to provide a realistic approach to life after graduation. With a 360-degree immersion into the life of the 2019 esthetician, we not only educate our students on various facials, skin types, tone differences, and treatments, but also on social media, marketing and networking. During the last week of school, graduating students will build their portfolio with a professional photoshoot and conduct professional interviews.

Furthermore, with over seven advanced courses to choose from, we choose an academy with anything less.

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