Eyelash Extension Program

Where quality and knowledge intersect

Honolulu Nails & Aesthetics Academy by Dr. Lashes trainers are all licensed cosmetologists or estheticians. Our diverse staff specializes in emotional intelligence, consumer health, fashion and beauty trends, and hospitality. Our curriculum teaches the fundamentals of lashes, combined with customer service training. We spend more time with hands on practice than our competitors, so students will be prepared for their first clients. Our system and techniques are developed internally, which allows us to provide consistent quality of service across our entire team. Customers feel at ease knowing their lash procedure will be consistent with every artist certified by Dr. Lashes. School Administrators love us for our consistent quality, commitment to healthy practices. And ongoing support for students. Dr. Lashes Training Academy provides an in-depth educational experience in eyelashes and make-up—specializing in eyelash custom design. Classes include Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian (Volume) Lashes, Hybrid Lashes and Lash Lifts. We also provide training in eyebrow design, threading and facial waxing.

Classic Lash Class

Learn how to master eyelash extensions with our comprehensive training. This program is designed to provide fundamental lash knowledge with hands-on practice. Our lash trainers provide feedback that allow students to make corrections in real time. With our small class size, Dr. Lash trainers can focus on each student individually, assisting in hand movement, and lash placement. Day one focuses on sanitation, technique, and customization, while day two presents students the opportunity to practice on a live model under the supervision of a trained instructor. Students that complete the training are paired with a lash stylist to practice and further enhance the student’s skills. Students will have access to additional models through the Dr. Lashes Training Database to continue to improve their craft. Only once students who have proved their ability to meet the Dr. Lash standards will they receive their certification. 2-day, 16 hour Classic Eyelash Extension Certification Course

Volume Lash Class

The Volume lash academy is an intensive two-day hands-on training. Review and discuss proper lash application with volume tweezers and how to create fans up to 8D. A portion of the academy will focus on lash theory and successful business practices. Day 1 will include advanced shaping and styling, the science of lash diameters and weight, and mixing curls. Enrollment in this custom lash creation course includes our kit, certificate, manual and a networking lunch. Only once students who have proved their ability to meet the Dr. Lash standards will they receive their certification. 2-day, 16 hour Volume Eyelash Extension Certification Course

Schedule – Eyelashes

Mastery lash course (classic & volume) – January 11-13
Classic lashes – February 9-10
Classic lashes course – April 13-14
Mastery lash course (classic & volume) – July 19-21
Classic lash course – October 19-20