Online Theory for Aesthetician License Course (200 hours)

Not Available for VA and M-1 Students


To work as an esthetician in Hawaii, it is mandatory to obtain a license in either esthetician or cosmetologist. To acquire the license, individuals must complete a minimum of 600 hours of theoretical and practical training at an accredited school or 1200 hours through an apprenticeship at the salon. After gaining sufficient knowledge and skills, candidates must successfully pass the state exam administered by the Hawaii State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Only upon passing the exam will the license be issued, allowing individuals to practice as licensed estheticians in Hawaii.


The accredited program involves a total of 600 hours of training, comprising 150 hours of theoretical study, 300 hours of practical training, 100 hours in clinical settings, and an additional 50 hours for various activities. However, our Online Theory program offers the flexibility for learners to engage in the theoretical component, HNA final exam, and Sanitation/disinfection a total of 200 hours of the program from the comfort of their homes. Leveraging advanced technology, the program utilizes an online theory system (CIMA) that facilitates learning through various features. (Option to have a hard-copy book with additional costs).

The CIMA includes functionalities such as audio support, a dictionary feature, highlighting, note-taking, flashcards, and a wealth of practice exam questions. Moreover, users have the option to download content onto their personal computers, allowing offline access. With an internet connection, learners can access the course from any device, enhancing the accessibility of the program.

The instructors have the ability to monitor your progress, and if there are any areas you find challenging or have questions about, you can contact the instructor through the system or call us directly. Additionally, scheduling appointments for in-person consultations on campus is also an option if you prefer direct interaction with the instructors.

After completing the 200 hours of this course, the students have two options. One is to continue your hands-on Practical training at the HNA campus, completing the rest of the hours (400 hours).  The other option is to work as an apprentice in a reputable salon, accumulating 800 hours of training, and obtaining eligibility for certification exams.

Postscript: HNA had obtained state approval to conduct 100% (600 hours) online classes without any issues for the three years during the pandemic. However, with the pandemic’s conclusion, we are currently limited to conducting online classes only for the theory component. We are presently in the process of applying to the Board to obtain permission for the Practical segment of 400 hours to be learned from home, just as it was allowed before. We are hoping to receive approval during the State Board meeting in February 2024.

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