Basic / Basic Plus Aesthetician License Course (600 hours) | Approved for students using GIBill®

キャンパス (対面)


This course dives deep into the foundation of skincare and the theoretical knowledge in the industry. The combination of knowledge and skill is a vital part of becoming a licensed Aesthetician. Materials will also include the basic State Laws, which govern the Aesthetics student and the practicing Aesthetician. Offers 600 clock hours (detail hours below) of personal instruction. This program is a blend of practical and clinical hands-on education that integrates client interaction and follows the basic requirements set forth by the State of Hawaii Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


I. Discuss past, present, and future skincare opportunities.
II. Explain professional ethics.
III. Describe different bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
IV. List universal precautions and the need for professional responsibility.
V. Describe the ten body systems and their functions.
VI. Explain skin functions, cell replacements, glands of the skin, and nutrition for the skin.
VII. List and describe the disorders and diseases of the skin.
VIII. Describe techniques used to analyze various skin types.
IX. Recognize basic products used in facials.
X. Demonstrate the correct procedure for facial massage
XI. Recognize and understand the various ingredients used in facial packs and masks.
XII. Demonstrate the correct procedure for mask and pack applications.
XIII. Be able to prepare treatment rooms for various services.
XIV. Demonstrate the correct procedure for sanitary clean-up of the service area.
XV. To pass the state board exam


The esthetics program is developed to train the student in the basic skills, proper safety judgements, and proper work habits. Given the changes in the industry, the esthetics student demands new approaches and direction in the learning methods needed to prepare for licensure. The purpose of our program helps our students retain informational and operational procedures to meet the competitive job market.

In the esthetics industry updated information is crucial, the industry is constantly evolving and we keep you up-to-date on everything within our scope of practice under Hawaii’s state regulations (DCCA). We pride ourselves on sharing the newest advances, trends, and regulations.




  • Facial Body
  • Treatment Electrical Machine (high frequency)
  • Waxing Make-up
  • Lash Tint
  • Hot stone Treatment
  • Pre + post-op care
  • Aromatherapy Massage technique
  • Clinical experience Field trips


  • Eyelash extension (Classic): To become a certified Eyelash artist to perform specifically eyelash extension.
  • Lash lift and Tint/Eyebrow Laminate & Tint: To become specialized for Lash and Brow to perform service in a Lash and brow salon.
  • Microdermabrasion/Chemical peels: Advanced skills to approach deeper skin and could work with a dermatologist.
  • Advanced Facials & Massage technique: Perform Anti-aging and severe acne, and treat other special conditions.
  • Brazilian wax & Vajacial treatment:

THEORY: E-book or Hardcopy book

  • Milady’s Standard Esthetics & Workbook
  • Milady’s Standard Foundations & Workbook

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