Yes.  The fee for filing your application is $20.00 and if you are applying for a temporary permit as well there is an additional $40.00 giving you a total cost for both applications of $60.00.  The temporary permit is optional.  (Both fees are non-refundable)

Exam results will be mailed approximately two (2) weeks after the exam date. If you receive a “PASS” notice you will also receive instructions to apply for licensure with the Board. The fee for the licensure is $100. If you receive a “FAIL” notice you will receive re-exam information and instructions for the next exam and must pay the $90.00 for each exam taken.
Yes. There is a fee of $90.00 for you to take the actual written State Examination through Prometric. After registering with Prometric, you will receive an “Admission Ticket” by mail approximately 10 days prior to the examination date.
In approximately fourteen (14) days, you should receive a response from the DCCA whether your application has been approved or not. Upon approval of your application, you will be sent a Prometric examination registration form and instructions Two (2) copies of your letter of approval complete forms, return to Prometric, await exam date +time conformation.
You must have been enrolled in an accredited school in which you have been instructed in the Theory and Practical application of Nail Technology. To obtain your certification in Nail Technology you must have passed and completed this course to be able to apply for your license. Or apprentice with some salon.