Online Microblading Certification Course

Semi Permanent Makeup

Honolulu Nails & Aesthetics Academy (HNA) is excited to begin offering its new training class to provide instruction on the art and science of semi-permanent Art makeup (Microblading). Our class will cover techniques and practices from the beginner stage, teaching basic skills and proficiencies, and progressing to the advanced professional level instructing the student on innovative and sophisticated methodologies and technologies in the art of semi-permanent makeup.

Our semi-permanent makeup (Microblading) training class by permanent makeup artist Yumi who is active in Hawaii. In recent years, art makeup has evolved into technologies for anti-aging and improving the face's image. Starting this class, we want only those who are motivated to learn the skills of a permanent makeup artist, Yumi, who coordinates eyebrows and eyeliners with such techniques that are not noticeable with the Japanese style of the natural looks of an art makeup.


HNA's newest program is designed to provide instruction in the art of semi-permanent makeup to obtain a State of Hawaii tattoo artist's license.

Instructor Yumi's Profile

  • From Tokyo, Japan
  • Has lived in Hawaii since 1993.
  • Worked as a dental assistant from 1993 to 2008
  • In 2002, he became interested in art makeup and temporarily went to Japan. Acquired art makeup technology and diploma.
  • In 2004, acquired the State of Hawaii Artist License (No. 1009).
  • In 2008, to Hollywood to improve the technology. Studied under a renowned tattoo artist.
    1. In June 2008, Art Makeup Yumi as a specialty store for art and makeup, making use of its rich experience. And providing her artistic expertise for more than 13,000 treatments since then.


  • Submit the application form with a Deposit of $200 (non-refundable)
  • Copy of picture ID
  • Be at least 16 years old of age. If you are under 18, the parent or guardian must enroll the applicant.
  • For Part 2 or advanced class: You must need a Tattoo artist license for the live model by Hawaii state law (we will inform you how to apply, it will take about three weeks to received). Fee $75
  • For Part 2 or advanced class: You must take an examination of Blood Borne Pathogen Certification Examination online. Fee $20 ~ 50.
  • 2 Payments Plan Available.

Microblading Schedule :


Online Interactive Class

$2450.00 + tax (includes Student Kit)

Online Interactive Class

[ Part 1 & Part 2] 

  • To watch our original video and study with the hand-out.
  • Do your own pace (24 hours access for 3 month).
  • Upload your practice video to your account and will receive the feedback from the instructor.

Student kits:

  • Hand-out
  • Mannequin
  • Practice rubber seats and band
  • Surgical pen
  • Ruler
  • Needle holder pen
  • U-shape blade
  • Curve blade
  • Pigment
  • Pigment cups
  • Marking pen
  • Eyebrow Brush
  • Micro applicator brush
  • Round cotton pad
  • Cotton swab
  • Numbing cream
  • Ointment
  • Alcohol spray
  • Gloves

*All materials are shipped or pick up in five (5) business days after your enrollment date. *There is an additional charge for shipping to other states or international.


We will learn : Part 1

[ Theory ] 

  • Overview of Semi-Permanent Makeup
  • Description of Possible Contraindications
  • Dermatology – Study of the Human Dermis and Epidermis
  • Hygiene and Disinfection/Infection
  • Color Theory
    - Mixing/Blending Colors
  • Counseling
  • Customer Relations/Customer Service
    - How to communicate professionally with your clients
    - How to build rapport and enhance trust from your clients
  • Professional Tattoo Artist's License
    - Procedures to obtain a tattoo artist's license from the Hawaii Department of Health.
    - For fees (plus the cost of the course), you will be guided through the following procedures for a professional tattoo artist's license:

      1. Complete the Blood Borne Pathogen (BPP) Certification online course given by any of the 8-course providers approved by the Department of Health (Fee:$20~50)
      2. Take and pass the Certification Examination
      3. Obtain a Tuberculosis/Syphilis Clearance Report from a licensed medical professional
      4. Obtain the Hepatitis B vaccine (optional, but recommended by the Department of Health)
      5. Complete the Application for a New Tattoo Artist License and submit it to the Department of Health (Fee:$75).

[ Practical ] 

  • Eyebrow Design
    -How to accurately measure and draw eyebrow shapes with a mannequin.
    -How to use the blade with a mannequin.
    -While waiting for your Tattoo license, we will give you assignments to make sure you get a skills.
  • Questions & Answer

We will learn : Part 2

  • You must completed your BPP Certificate online course and have a Tattoo license before join the Part 2. (by State of Hawaii law)
  • Training with a live model (to make you confident and ready to work)
  • The student must provide their live model.
  • Customer service (how to handle difficult client)
  • 2 Assignments at home
  • Questions & Answer

Obtain your Certificate of completion!!