Upcoming Esthetics License Course: Feb 16, 2021

Our next Licensed Esthetics course will start on Feb 16, 2021, for Full-time (9-4 pm, Mon-Fri)

We have a limited class due to COVID-19. Please enroll in advance.  Call us now at 808-944-1121 or E-mail to support@honolulunailacademy.com

Also, check our website at Honolulu Nail and Aesthetics Academy – Honolulu Nail and Aesthetics Academy (honolulunailacademy.com)

Esthetics License

Esthetics License Course (600Hours) – State Requirement / GI Bill / VA Approved

Our established course dives deep into the foundation of the skincare industry. We are offering an exclusive accelerated online program that enables you to pursue your education without sacrificing your personal and work commitments. Our 600- clock hour accelerated esthetics program has been approved by the Hawaii state board and is by far the next best thing in the beauty industry. This merged training will strengthen your knowledge while expediting your graduating date, so you can do what you love.


Our dedicated instructors have extreme devotion to the industry and are eager to teach you everything there is to know, bringing you closer to success. We believe in high-quality education to prepare you for whichever field of work you choose.


* Explore a program preparing you for a career in Skin Care or Advanced Esthetics.

* Learn about our payment plan programs available for those who qualify.

* Explore opportunities to work with medical spas, dermatology, luxury resorts, and spas, or even as an entrepreneur.

* Find out about our NEW program schedules and how you can earn your diploma in as few as 4 months* in esthetics.

* Explore our range of extensive advanced training programs to receive a certification in your class of choice.

* Meet our staff, tour our campus and receive a warm aloha.


The esthetics program is developed to train the student in basic skills, proper safety judgments, and proper work habits. Given the changes in the industry, the esthetics student demands new approaches and direction in the learning methods needed to prepare for licensure. The purpose of our program helps our students retain informational and operational procedures to meet the competitive job market.

In the esthetics industry updated information is crucial, the industry is constantly evolving and we keep you up-to-date on everything within our scope of practice under Hawaii’s state regulations (DCCA). We pride ourselves on sharing the newest advances, trends, and regulations.

Job Titles:

  • Esthetician
  • Medical Spa Manager
  • Skincare specialist
  • Clinical esthetician
  • Hair removal specialist
  • Wax technician
  • Lash technician
  • Medical esthetician
  • Makeup artist
  • Beauty ambassador
  • Licensed spa professional
  • Clinical laser technician
  • Skincare expert
  • Beauty advisor
  • Beauty editor
  • State board member
  • Licensing inspector/examiner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Esthetics educator/instructor
  • Sales manager
  • Manufacturer representative

Program Hours

Full Time (DAY): 9 am to 4 pm, Monday- Friday
Graduate in 3.5 months

Part-time (NIGHT): 5 pm to 9 pm, Monday-Friday
Graduate in 6 months


Entrance requirements

Admission into our school is open to all applicants that meet the following requirements:

1.Be at least 16 years of age. If you are under18, a parent or guardian must enroll the applicant.

2.Payment Plan Registration Fee :  $100.00USD
(It will be applied in full towards your tuition)

3.A deposit of 500.00USD
(It will be applied in full towards your tuition)

4. Completed application from



Basic Esthetician
License Course



Payment Plans Available


Body Treatment
Electrical Machine(high frequency)
Hot Stone Treatment
Pre+post op care
Massage technique
Clinical experience
Field trips

Basic Plus Esthetician
License Course

Plus VA / GI Bill Approved


Payment Plans Available

(Basic course plus below)

Facials (Advanced)
The lash extension (Classic)
Lash lift and Tint
Chemical peels
Advanced Massage technique
Lipo Cavitation Radio Frequency


150 Hours at Home
450 Hours at Campus (HNA)

You can take your theory/written courses at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. And come on campus for hands-on practical work and client interactions to prep you for the field. Feel confident with our online program approved by DCCA. With our relevant, up-to-date curriculum, you’ll walk away with skills you can apply directly to your career.

Our on-campus and online esthetics courses enable you to pursue your education without sacrificing your personal and work commitments. Your online studies will consist of 150 hours, featuring Milady’s Standard Esthetics Fundamentals, Eleventh Edition text. You’ll be able to tackle this content electronically at your own pace, which includes an
array of activities, exams, discussion boards, and workbooks. You’ll also learn practical on-campus receiving hands on instruction with different techniques and modalities.
During the 450 hours of practice you’ll work on classmates, real clients, and take part in multiple demonstrations/demos. Each day before we begin to practice, we will ensure the penetration of knowledge learned in theory with a daily review and class discussion. Our goal is to bridge these courses to provide you with the skills you’ll need to pursue your goals, with time on your side.

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